justin_porter - 1Meet Justin Porter guide & owner of Catch ‘Em Guide Service.

Justin grew up in NE Arkansas and started fishing once he started walking.  His love for fishing grew more and more as he got older.  After high school he moved to the Branson, MO area to further his education at the College of the Ozarks.  While going to school and working a full time job, every chance he got he started to learn the lakes in the area.  These lakes are very different than his home lakes he grew up fishing.  From his home lakes of shallow and muddy water to these lakes being deep and clear it was a challenge.  Slowly he began to master it, and prove himself that he had what it takes to guide fishing in the area. 

Justin has been guiding for the last 10 years, and knows what it takes to please his clients and put them on the fish.  He is an avid crappie fisherman and his techniques include Vertical Jigging, Spider Rigging, and Long Lining.  If he had to choose one it would probally be Spider Rigging.  He also can provide you with some excellent trout fishing as well.  He targets the rainbow and browns by either drifting baits for them, or throws baits by spin fishing.

If you are looking for a guide to put you on the slab crappie or some fun fighing trout come fish with Justin at Catch ‘Em Guide Service.


579844_4063207232086_1169272918_nMeet Johnny Porter fishing guide of Catch ‘Em Guide Service.

After his son moved to the Branson, Mo area, He too made the move and began to learn some new lakes.  He resides in Stockton, MO and fishes Stockton and Truman lake mainly.  Being in the guiding business for waterfowl for over 20 years, he knows how to please his clients.  He now has teamed up with his son and helps him guide bigger parties and multiple bookings.

His techniques include Vertical Jigging and Spider Rigging.  If he had to choose one it would probally be vertical jigging, because he loves to feel the thump.  

If you have dreamed of catching some slab crappie, book a trip with Johnny at Catch ‘ Em Guide Service

Whether you fish with Justin or Johnny, they will go the extra mile to put you on the fish and make sure you have a great time.

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