Spring time is upon us. 

Mar - 24 2015 | no comments | By

Fished table rock today for 4 hours this morning. Water color was little stained and muddy with lots of stuff still floating. Water temp was 53 and caught most of the fish today in 18 fow on brush. Caught several short fish and ended up with 5 keepers and 2 keepers that got off at boat. Also had a bonus a nice white bass. Overall not a bad day on the rock.  


Slow but steady.

Apr - 05 2014 | no comments | By

Fished for bout 5 hours and of the 20-25 we caught ended up with 10 keepers. Magic number was 15 fow on brush.


Things are picking up

Mar - 28 2014 | no comments | By


Went to truman today spider riggin. Found them in 11 to 15 fow. Riggin minnows 8 to 10 foot down. It ought to just keep getting better.


Spring time is coming or is it?

Mar - 16 2014 | no comments | By

Well spring is hopefully upon us or is it?  Weather man calling for a chance of snow again.  However Crappie fishing is starting to pick up.  Fish have been coming in from the  15 to 20 FOW, but some have been caught less than 10 and more than 30.  Good ole mother nature plays a huge role in it.  Almost all have been caught on standing timber or on brush.  So if weather will hold for a while it ought to just keep getting better.

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