Truman lake 7/29 and 7/30

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7-29. Lake fell bout 4 feet from the last weekend. Caught fish again spider rigging.

 7/30 we focused on dipping trees and found the bite to be 12-15 foot down on cedars.    


7/23/15 Truman lake

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Back at it again lots of good fish being caught. Lots of little ones too. Bring lots of minnows.  

 Again 30 fow 18 feet down.  


Truman lake 7/22/15

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Late posting sorry…  Spider rigging was the ticket. 25-30 fow 18 foot down with minnows.  

 Lots of little fish caught but lots of good fish too.  


Special day for me on table rock. 

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Took my little girl with me this morning to the rock. We got on the water about 7:30.  

 Went back to where I caught them yeasterday and nothing. Slow trolled several depths of water and different depths down. Finally caught a couple but it wasn’t consistent.  

We picked up and made a move about of about 2 football fields and found fish holding on a huge drop. Water went from 30 fow to 50 real quick. We managed to pick up 7 more keepers making our count 9 and one very large white bass.  

 We finished about 12:30 and we both had a ball. I look forward to many more days like this to come.  


Early bite on table rock 

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Got on the water by about 6:30. Really foggy and thankful for gps on the water. Fish was suspended in about 30 fow about 12 to 15 foot down.  

Once fog lifted bite was still good untill about 930. And it shut down. We scratched a few more out by 11:00 and the two of us ended up with 18 keepers.   


Tablerock slabs

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Found fish early this morning in 25fow about 15ft down on channel drop offs.  

 Most fish caught was around 15 inches. The wind picked up and had to move to another spot. And found fish on another channel edge in 18 fow about 12 ft down.  Most of those fish was around 12 inches. 

 Ended up with a nice limit to stink up the grease.  


Annual Men’s Ministry of Bridge of Faith Community Church. 

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Had the opportunity to take part in the annual men’s ministry fishing trip from Bridge of Faith community church. What another fun trip it was. Even got some youngsters in on the action this year.  

    Everyone seemed to have a great time. Fishing was a little tough but we managed to get some nice ones. 







 Most fish was caught in 28 fow about 12 ft down and not on brush.  




 We had a great turn out this year and look forward already to next year. 

High water on bull shoals. 

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Got out and ventured out to bull shoals to brave the high water. Where I found fish last time in 15-18 fow it was now almost 30ft deep. Frankly found a few fish in the 10 fow or less. Lots of trash floating but it was still a fun morning.  Here are a few highlights from this morning.  


If you build it they will come. 

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Got a few structures built today to put out.  Ended up with two standing structures and one lay down.  Gonna add a little wood to the pvc tree too before I put the concrete in it. Hopefully they will produce some nice slabs.


Bull shoals

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No customers today so after the rain this morning I thought I’d give bull shoals a try. Got there at noon and fished till 3:30. Found fish in 18 to 20 fow on bottom, no brush. Water temp was 56 degrees. What I caught were good ones. Of the 4 keepers, One went 13 and one went 14 inches.  


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